Group Alumni:

Postdoctoral Scholars and Ph.D. Students

Dr. Annie Rowe (Postdoc 2015-2017)
Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati

Dr. Hyesuk Byun (Ph.D. student 2012-2017)
Process Engineer, Intel Corporation

Dr. Yamini Jangir (Ph.D. student 2011-2016)
Postdoctoral scholar, California Institute of Technology

Dr. Edmond Leung (Postdoc 2010-2013)
Lecturer at the Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong

Dr. Tom Yuzvinsky (Postdoc 2009-2011)
Research Scientist,  W.M. Keck Center for Nanoscale Optofluidics, UC - Santa Cruz

Dr. Brandi Reese (Postdoc 2014-2015, Joint with Amend Lab)
Assistant Professor of Microbial Ecology, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Dr. Ian McFarlane (Ph.D. student 2009-2015)
Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley

Dr. Benjamin Gross (Ph.D. Student 2010-2015)

Undergraduate Students

Reza Talieh (Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2018)
M.S. Student, Stanford University

Sarah French (Undergraduate Researcher, 2015-2016)
Product Designer, StreamSpace

Brian Zukotynski (Undergraduate Researcher, 2014-2016)
M.D. Candidate at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Julia Lazzari-Dean (Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2014)
Ph.D. student and NSF Graduate Fellow, UC - Berkeley

Thomas Kahn (Undergraduate Researcher 2009-2011)
Ph.D. student, Columbia

Jack Peace (Undergraduate Researcher 2010-2011)
Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago